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BoomeranGO is a new mobile game app that teaches balanced nutrition and regular physical activity and supports better sleep. Keep reading to know everything you need to know about BoomeranGO!

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BoomeranGO Reviews

Product Name BoomeranGO
Category Kids Game
Main Benefits Kids learn how to plate balanced meals, how to eat healthier and enjoy food in moderation.
Price $14.89/month
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What is BoomeranGO?

Introducing BoomeranGO! is a smartphone game developed by experts to make learning about healthy eating, regular exercise, and better sleep instructive and tremendously fun. 

BoomeranGO! Offers kids a fun experience that encourages healthier choices by fusing entertainment and health education. 

The game includes instructional content that equips youngsters with knowledge about diet, exercise, and sleep cycles while they engage in thrilling game-world adventures. 

BoomeranGO!, an engaging mobile game designed with kids in mind, helps kids of all ages enjoy the adventure of leading a healthy lifestyle.

BoomeranGO is now readily accessible to kids worldwide because of its availability on iOS and Android devices, mobile phones, and tablets. 

You must first establish an account to keep track of your progress. We will never sell your personal information, so don't be concerned. We worked hard to make sure that the BoomeranGO! 

The mobile game is enjoyable for your youngster and entirely secure. We do not collect your child's personal information. Nowhere in the game does explicit content, violence-related references, or other objectionable content emerge.

Download BoomeranGO! Today and Launch your Children's Healthy Habits!

How Does BoomeranGO Work?

BoomeranGO! is based on the Social Cognitive Theory, a theoretical paradigm emphasizing how kids learn from their immediate surroundings and associations. 

Mobile gaming was an obvious choice for its creation because this environment has grown to include social media and digital platforms in the 21st century. 

Players create and care for their avatars within the game, turning them into real-world role models.

This interactive companion reinforces the value of balanced meals and dietary variety by reflecting the happy feelings that children experience when choosing healthy foods.

BoomeranGO! is unique because it incorporates real-world activities into the gaming experience. By effortlessly converting the number of steps taken into more gameplay time, players are encouraged to exercise. 

This ground-breaking strategy supports the idea that gaming and physical fitness may coexist, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. 

BoomeranGO! is more than simply a game—it's an effective instrument for instilling in kids a sense of the relationship between their decisions, avatars, and actual well-being wellbeing.

How The Kids Are Learning?


The kitchen takes center stage in this game as it provides avatars with the energy they require to survive. Three meals a day are recommended for avatars, and each is carefully graded for nutritional balance. 

To ensure that the game encourages good eating habits based on professional advice, pediatric nutritionists thoroughly constructed the back-end score system. This innovative strategy informs players about the value of a healthy diet while entertaining them. 

Learning about healthy eating is interesting and gratifying by combining it with a virtual culinary adventure.

  • Eat healthier
  • Sleep better
  • Move more
  • Prioritize water
  • Plate up balanced meals
  • Enjoy food in moderation


Real-world steps are converted into valuable gameplay tickets in this cutting-edge gaming experience, encouraging kids to reach their daily step targets. 

The game shows the association between physical activity and overall energy levels by enticing players to reach a daily step goal. 

Their avatars flourish in the virtual world as kids move more in the real world, building a fun and informative link between fitness and gaming. 

This strategy emphasizes the significant influence of activity on well-being while encouraging healthy habits and mood enhancement in the participants. Engaging young brains in the value of staying active while enjoying the virtual world is fun.

  • Eat healthier
  • Sleep better
  • Move more
  • Prioritize water
  • Plate up balanced meals
  • Enjoy food in moderation


Maintaining hydration is not only important in this expedition, but it's also fun. It's gratifying for kids to keep their avatars hydrated, which is encouraged. 

Their avatar's general health depends on getting enough water, which keeps them strong and ready to perform their best during the game's tasks. 

This game encourages young players to develop good habits by highlighting the need to stay hydrated.

It teaches children that even basic behaviors, like drinking water, can significantly impact their virtual and actual travels. It's a novel twist that mixes the fun of gaming with an important life lesson.

  • Eat healthier
  • Sleep better
  • Move more
  • Prioritize water
  • Plate up balanced meals
  • Enjoy food in moderation


The avatar in this immersive gaming experience closely resembles the recommended sleeping times for children. If a kid tries to play the game during those times, the avatar gets cranky and needs to be motivated to play. 

This creative integration emphasizes the need to get enough sleep and acts as a useful lesson. The game instills a profound knowledge of the crucial role sleep plays in one's general well-being, both in the virtual world and in reality, by matching the avatar's slumber with the child's sleep schedule. 

It's a novel technique to teach young athletes the value of getting a good night's sleep for peak performance and disposition.

  • Eat healthier
  • Sleep better
  • Move more
  • Prioritize water
  • Plate up balanced meals
  • Enjoy food in moderation

What Are The Benefits of BoomeranGO?

Children can only play on BoomeranGO! for a certain length of time. They must make healthy decisions if they want to get more screen time. 

Additionally, the creators used the American Academy of Child Psychiatry (AACAP) criteria to generate their screen time recommendations. 

“BoomeranGO!” is the game's name since the avatar carries a boomerang. You hurl the boomerang to interact with the outside world, take out other characters, and complete specific tasks. 

Children control their avatars as they go through various environments, including city playgrounds, dense jungles, and the Wild West. 

Additionally, the game receives regular updates that add new environments and modes.

  • Helps To Eat Healthier: Kids gain a deeper grasp of wholesome food options through interactive gaming, encouraging lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Make Your Kid Sleep Better: BoomeranGO! Promotes kids to create reliable evening patterns by matching their avatar's sleep schedule to their own, leading to better sleep quality and general well-being.
  • Helps For Better Movement: By rewarding real-world movement with more playtime time, the game encourages kids to stay active and get the rewards of physical activity.
  • Prioritize Water: Children are taught the benefit of drinking enough water to keep invigorated and refreshed through BoomeranGO!, highlighting the value of hydration.
  • Plate Up Balanced Meals: Within the game, players are instructed to prepare balanced meals, learn useful information about portion control, and include important nutrients in their diet.
  • Enjoy Food in Moderation: Kids build a healthy relationship with food by playing the game and discovering the delight of attentive and balanced eating. They learn to savor and appreciate meals without overindulging.

What Are The Features of BoomeranGO?

  • Nutritional Knowledge: Children receive important knowledge about preparing balanced meals, selecting healthier foods, and mastering eating in moderation.
  • Wellness Awareness: BoomeranGO! Promotes a holistic approach to wellbeing from a young age by teaching children about the importance of sleep, physical exercise, and hydration.
  • Safety First: The game offers a worry-free experience for kids and parents by giving young players a safe and secure environment free of commercials and in-app purchases.
  • Parent and Specialist Approval: BoomeranGO! is a trusted source of amusement and education that has gained the respect of both parents and experts.
  • Platform Flexibility: BoomeranGO! is available on various platforms, considering different setups and preferences, whether iOS or Android tablets or smartphones.
  • Age-Appropriate: BoomeranGO! is geared toward children aged 3 to 11 and offers tasks and content that align with their developmental needs.

Cost Details of BoomeranGO?

  • MONTHLY PLAN of BoomeranGO - $14.89/month (Fun mobile game, Educational content, Designed for kids, Parental dashboard, Care team support, Add 3 users)
  • ANNUAL PLAN of BoomeranGO - $7.49/month (Fun mobile game, Educational content, Designed for kids, Parental dashboard, Care team support, Add 3 users) (Click To Download Now)

Is The BoomeranGO Safe To Play?

BoomeranGO adheres to moderate screen use and adopts a careful approach to managing screen time. In this game, screen time is a valuable resource that must be gained by making wise choices both in and outside it. 

The rules established by the American Academy of Child Psychiatry (AACAP) inspire the game, ensuring that daily playtime adheres to advised limitations. 

Its intriguing gameplay engages young brains while encouraging imagination and teaching kids concentration and problem-solving skills. 

BoomeranGO is an educational and well-rounded gaming experience because as kids master the obstacles in the game, they feel a sense of accomplishment that boosts their confidence and adopt responsible screen use.

BoomeranGO customer reviews

Final Verdict

In the instructional game BoomeranGO!, avatars use boomerangs to carry out various tasks. The game's objective is to promote wholesome eating practices in children. 

Users are rewarded in the game for eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, being hydrated, and walking (using a step counter to track actual walking distances). 

BoomeranGO! is becoming increasingly well-liked and endorsed by experts and parents alike. Download it to learn more about BoomeranGO! and how it functions, or get the game now.

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